The past few months have been very exciting for Erin Maeflower. She continues to write new songs every week. You can find her full-length tunes professionally recorded, and sample her newest demos below.

Two of her tunes were recently selected to appear on different compilation CD's. With these small successes under her belt, she recently undertook to record her first full-length CD, "Midnight Odyssey," which has been released recently in 2009.

Take a journey with Erin Maeflower's enchanting music:

  1. You can find her first feature full-length CD Midnight Odyssey at:
  2. "Upside of Down" on 14 Songs in 28 Days Volume 4 (now available on iTunes)
  3. "Spindley's Hill" on Homemade and Handspun: Premium Americana (not available online).

Erin Maeflower is also delighted to bring you her newest tunes, even before she records them professionally. Browse through some of her recent demos:

  • Ukulele tunes
  • Songs and ballads on the Dulcimer
  • Trying new styles
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